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The Value of Hall Effect Sensors in a Range of Devices

In a recently published EDN Network article, Jeffrey Dierker of Lake Shore Cryotronics discusses the value of Hall effect sensors and their history, describing the types of measurement for which Hall [...]

Reacting to the Recent News From NIF

Last Wednesday’s news out of Lawrence Livermore National Lab about a recent advancement toward achieving break-even energy, or “ignition,” is certainly positive. In case you haven’t heard, for the [...]

Research Collaborator Featured in IEEE Microwave Magazine

Dr. Hao Xin and his group in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department are collaborating with Lake Shore’s THz development team on our Phase I Air Force STTR grant

Lake Shore congratulates [...]

MicroMag™ VSM/AGM Video Tutorial From the University of Cambridge

As you probably already know, you can watch videos we have uploaded to our Lake Shore YouTube channel. But occasionally, you may also come across videos about Lake Shore products produced by our [...]

Sensor Survey: What You Told Us

Cernox sensor in a bobbin package

Late in 2013, Lake Shore conducted a survey of cryogenic sensor customers in order to assess how scientists and engineers are using sensors. With enough time [...]

Video: Measurement of Ferroelectric Device Shows Cryogenic Operation

Scientists from Lake Shore and Radiant Technology collaborated to characterize the performance of ferroelectric capacitors at cryogenic temperatures. These devices can be used for temperature, [...]

Lake Shore—As Seen on TV

If you watch the NOVA show on PBS, you may have spotted one of our Model 336 temperature controllers on Wednesday night (October 30th, 2013).

Join Lake Shore for a Live Discussion of Cryogenic Sensors on Google+

We will host our first Google+ Hangout on Oct. 29, 2013, at 2 p.m. The live webcast will focus on types of cryogenic sensors and their applications.

Rock Magnetism and First-Order-Reversal-Curve Measurements: Application Note

We recently published an application note titled Rock Magnetism and First-Order-Reversal-Curve (FORC) Measurements. Written by Brad Dodrill, this paper discusses the usefulness of FORC measurements [...]

Try Two Lake Shore CVT Probes

Probe station users will enjoy this offer:

If you experiment across a range of temperatures, you will want to try our new ZN50R-CVT probes in your Lake Shore probe station. These patented probes [...]

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