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The New Probe Station Catalog

We are really excited about our new probe station catalog. We've worked very hard in making this catalog a helpful guide for you when thinking about purchasing a probe station, and for future [...]

First Order Reversal Curves (FORC)

We have added a new application note to our website, explaining first order reversal curves (FORC). Brad Dodrill, the author of this note, writes that FORCs enable us to obtain information about [...]

Research: Lake Shore Scientist Takes Part in a Publication

Recently, one of Lake Shore's scientists, Dr. Jeffrey Lindemuth, took part in writing a paper that was published by the Journal of the American Chemical Society.

The paper is titled "Combined Charge [...]

Dr. Daughton Interviewed for a Materials Today Podcast About Terahertz Materials Characterization

Dr. David Daughton

Dr. David Daughton, Applications Scientist at Lake Shore, was interviewed by Materials Today about terahertz materials characterization.

In the interview, Dr. Daughton [...]

Interview with Scott Courts, Applications Scientist at Lake Shore

Dr. Scott Courts is an Applications Scientist at Lake Shore. He received his BS in Physics from Marshall University and his PhD in Physics from The Ohio State University. He has been at Lake Shore [...]

Model 121 Current Source Preview

We are not officially announcing it yet—this is just a sneak preview for our blog readers. But, our new current source, the Model 121, is being introduced in June.

Application Note for the CVT Probes

We've told you about our new CVT probes in a recent press release, but have you seen our application note for them? Be sure to take a look!

Quality Tests for the Model 648 Power Supply

The following video shows some of the quality tests that we performed on our Model 648 power supply. These are tests that were performed with safety to the operator in mind, and are not meant to be [...]

Interview with Bill McGovern, Scientist at Lake Shore

Dr. Bill McGovern is a Scientist at Lake Shore. He received his BS in Chemistry and Engineering Physics from Hope College, and his MS and PhD in Analytical Chemistry from The Ohio State University. [...]

The MicroMag Alternating Gradient Magnetometer: Video Overview

In this five minute video, Brad Dodrill, Vice President of Sales and Senior Scientist at Lake Shore, provides an overview and introduction of the new MicroMag 2900 Series alternating gradient [...]

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