Interview with Jeff Lindemuth, Senior Scientist at Lake Shore

Jeff Lindemuth is a senior scientist as Lake Shore, focusing on the development of magnetic measurement systems, including vibrating sample magnetometer (VSM) systems and Hall effect measurement [...]


Continuing in the theme of last week's post, some further news on our progress in developing the THz-based materials characterization system:

Terahertz Basics Video and Terahertz Progress at Lake Shore

We have been working hard on the terahertz front. Here is a quick summary of some of the things we have accomplished toward our goal of the terahertz system development, followed by a video with Dr. [...]

March 2013 APS Conference Highlights and Video

Lake Shore attended the American Physical Society Conference held in Baltimore on 3/18 to 3/22, as we do each year. In addition to technical papers presented by David Daughton and Jeff Lindemuth, [...]

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