Interview With David Daughton, Applications Scientist at Lake Shore

Dr. David Daughton is an applications scientist at Lake Shore focused on characterizing electronic materials and devices. He received his BS and MS in physics from the University of Delaware and his [...]

CVT Probe Tip Patent and Demonstration Video

We recently announced the development of our new continuously variabe temperature (CVT) probe in a press release last month. This month we were excited for the opportunity to get together with TOYO [...]

Lake Shore Presents THz System and a Materials Research Forum at the APS March Meeting

Lake Shore will be attending the APS March meeting in Baltimore, March 18, through March 22. We are holding a Materials Research Forum on Wednesday the 20th, in the Latrobe Room at the Hilton [...]

Model 8404 HMS: AC Option

This post and video is the final installment of our Model 8404 Hall Measurement System video series.

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