Pro Tip: Where to mount a cryogenic temperature sensor

Finding a good place to mount cryogenic sensors in some locations, like an already crowded cryostat, is never easy. In general, a setup where the entire load and sample is at the same temperature is [...]

Hall probe selection guide — give us your input

At various stages of the manufacturing process, an engineer or technician may be required to check to see if assemblies containing magnets meet certain specs. This could range from incoming [...]

Lake Shore to attend ITER conference in Europe next week

Lake Shore Cryotronics, along with Cryoforum, our authorized representative in France, will be attending next week’s Monaco-ITER International Fusion Energy Days (MIIFED)/ITER Business Forum (IBF) [...]

Lake Shore provides AC Hall measurements for PEC material research


Lake Shore has also been collaborating with scientists from the University of Texas (UT) at Austin, along with other institutions, in work aimed at developing more economically feasible [...]

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