What are the differences between pulse tube and Gifford-McMahon cryocoolers?

It’s a question we get often from customers who are evaluating their options for sample cooling: What are the main differences between pulse tube cryocoolers (PT) and Gifford-McMahon cryocoolers (GM)?

Now offering expedited recalibration service for gaussmeters and Hall probes

If you own a Lake Shore gaussmeter or Hall probe, please note that we recently introduced a new priority service in which we offer a guaranteed two-day turnaround on recalibration once the instrument [...]

Evaluation kits available for Model 240 input modules

With the release of the 240 Series input modules, we are receiving lots of requests for modules to test in user facilities. To make the process of evaluation easy, Lake Shore recently introduced a [...]

New article and app note on sensor wire length of 240 Series modules

In large-scale high-energy physics applications, cryogenic monitoring electronics have traditionally been placed close to the temperature sensors, mainly because of the very small signals used to [...]

More about the Model 372’s unique noise-rejection technology

Model 372 AC bridge and temperature controller

It’s been over a year since Lake Shore introduced the Model 372, the successor to our widely popular Model 370 AC resistance bridge. We are pleased to [...]

New suitcase option for CPX, CPX-VF, and CRX-VF probe stations

If you’re looking for a simple way to transfer samples from a glovebox, drybox, or other inert atmosphere container to a high-vacuum, cryogenic probing environment, this may be of interest to you: a [...]

SoftCal: when full sensor calibration isn’t required

Temperature sensors either follow a known standard response within a given tolerance, or they must be calibrated against known standards. Lake Shore provides different levels of sensor calibration [...]

New quick look videos on the Model 325 and the Model 224

We have released two new quick-look videos: the Model 325 temperature controller and the Model 224 temperature monitor. In these videos, Ryan Oliver, Sensors & Instruments Product Manager for Lake [...]

Pro Tip: Where to mount a cryogenic temperature sensor

Finding a good place to mount cryogenic sensors in some locations, like an already crowded cryostat, is never easy. In general, a setup where the entire load and sample is at the same temperature is [...]

Hall probe selection guide — give us your input

At various stages of the manufacturing process, an engineer or technician may be required to check to see if assemblies containing magnets meet certain specs. This could range from incoming [...]

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