SoftCal: when full sensor calibration isn’t required

Temperature sensors either follow a known standard response within a given tolerance, or they must be calibrated against known standards. Lake Shore provides different levels of sensor calibration depending on the accuracy requirements. Our precision calibration service uses temperature standards traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Testing (NIST) in the U.S. or the National Physical Laboratory in the U.K. All sensors can be calibrated in the various pre-defined temperature ranges. Because of the labor, cryogen, and capital equipment needed to take as many as 120 precision temperature measurements for any given sensor, the price of calibration can sometimes be more than the sensor itself.

If you do not require the accuracy of a full calibration, SoftCal™ may be the answer. We use historical and statistical data to generate temperature curves for individual sensors with only a few temperature measurements. This results in a moderately accurate temperature curve ideal for less critical applications where millikelvin accuracies are not required. Read more SoftCal information, including which sensors match a standard curve and do not need individual calibration.

Different levels of calibration at Lake Shore Cryotronics

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