Cryogenic sensors are used worldwide in a number of particle accelerators, including the world’s most powerful one, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN, where sensors are used to monitor the temperature of the superconducting magnets used to steer and focus the particle beam. Other applications include linear accelerators commissioned in the U.S., Germany, and […]

Lake Shore will be closed for the Christmas holiday at end of business Friday, December 23 and will reopen for business Tuesday, January 3. We wish everyone a joyous holiday season and a very happy new year!

If you own a Lake Shore gaussmeter or Hall probe, please note that we recently introduced a new priority service in which we offer a guaranteed two-day turnaround on recalibration once the instrument or probe is received by us. Other than turnaround time, the priority recalibration process is no different than our standard recalibration service. […]

With the release of the 240 Series input modules, we are receiving lots of requests for modules to test in user facilities. To make the process of evaluation easy, Lake Shore recently introduced a 240-EVAL-KIT. This kit contains both a 2-input (240-2P) and an 8-input (240-8P) module along with a range of accessories not included […]

In large-scale high-energy physics applications, cryogenic monitoring electronics have traditionally been placed close to the temperature sensors, mainly because of the very small signals used to reduce the effect of self-heating in the measurements. However, this can be troublesome in applications where high radiation doses can be expected in the vicinity of the sensor. During […]

2016 FORC Workshop in New Orleans

Here is the final speaker schedule and the topics to be discussed at this Sunday’s 2nd Annual FORC Workshop in New Orleans: Alexandru Stancu of Al. I. Cuza University, “FORC Diagram Technique: Advantages, Limitations, and Unique Qualities” Ioan Lascu of the University of Cambridge, “Processing Large FORC Diagram Datasets Applied to Earth Science Research” Victorino […]

Gaussmeters are frequently used in manufacturing QC and test applications. Another area where we are seeing an increasing amount of use is in the medical field. These instruments are being used not only to test the magnetic field uniformity and amplitude of MRI machines, but also in academic labs where scientists are using magnetic field […]