Lake Shore 240 Series cryogenic temperature input modules

We recently linked to this article in our social media: a look at how scientists at work on the Muon g-2 experiment at Fermilab have been “shimming” a large magnetic ring to create “a magnetic field so precise that even subatomic particles see it as perfectly smooth.” This 52-foot-wide superconducting particle storage ring will enable […]


Even if you have never heard of the HyperLoop pod competition, you are likely familiar with SpaceX, the company who launched the competition last year. They’re hoping this open-sourced initiative, involving university teams from around the globe, will aid in developing a unique, new mode of transportation, one that would propel levitated passenger “pods” through […]

New Model 372 AC bridge and temperature controller

It’s been over a year since Lake Shore introduced the Model 372, the successor to our widely popular Model 370 AC resistance bridge. We are pleased to see the updated instrument find a home in many labs around the world. The Model 372’s matched-impedance (balanced) current source is just one of the features that continues […]

Dr. Alexandru Stancu

Last summer, Lake Shore joined with the University of Minnesota in sponsoring a workshop devoted entirely to the use of first order reversal curves (FORCs) for magnetic material characterization. It was quite informative, and at its conclusion, workshop organizers discussed the possibility of holding it again on either an annual or semiannual basis before or […]


Next week will be a busy one for us, with three events on our travel schedule: The IEEE MTT International Microwave Symposium (IMS), in San Francisco (Booth 2348), where Vaden West, Western U.S. Sales Manager, will answer questions about our high-frequency device probing and measurement solutions. We will have two demo units in our booth: […]

We have blogged about Lake Shore being a Solutions Partner of Keysight Technologies. As a follow-up, we are excited to announce that we now have drivers that will enable you to centrally automate variable-temperature control when using a Keysight B1500A semiconductor device parameter analyzer with a Lake Shore cryogenic probe station. With the automation drivers […]


If you’re looking for a simple way to transfer samples from a glovebox, drybox, or other inert atmosphere container to a high-vacuum, cryogenic probing environment, this may be of interest to you: a new specialized suitcase (PS-SC-CPX) for use with the load-lock assembly (PS-LL-CPX) that can be installed on our CPX, CPX-VF, or CRX-VF probe […]


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