Read our guide on how to identify and manage external noise

a-practical-approach-to-understanding-external-noise-coverExternal noise, also known as interference, introduces measurement error into instrument setups. For numerous research and industrial applications, high measurement precision is required. However, the complex function of external noise often makes it difficult to understand and mitigate.

This new guide from Lake Shore, “A Practical Approach to Understanding External Noise,” provides a start. It examines the different types of noise (external vs. intrinsic noise), discusses the impact on measurements, looks at common types of coupling and major sources of external noise, and offers possible strategies for mitigating the effects of external noise.
Download the GuideIf, after reading, you have further questions about how to identify and reduce the effects of noise in your specific application, please reach out to us. We’d be happy to discuss a possible solution.

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Tags: cryogenic measurement, mitigating measurement noise

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