M81-SSM measurement techniques: Watch the video demos

In the videos below, Lake Shore’s Jason Chonko demonstrates some measurement techniques using our M81-SSM synchronous source measure system, including techniques for advanced noise-rejection performance as well as for both low-resistance and high-resistance measurements. In the videos, he first uses the system to perform a DC measurement, then switches to a lock-in measurement technique. The M81-SSM is unique in that it enables one to switch easily between DC and lock-in detection modes at the touch of a button.

M81-SSM Measurement Technique: Noise Rejection Demonstration (4:49)

M81-SSM Measurement Technique: Low-Resistance Demonstration (7:00)

M81-SSM Measurement Technique: High-Resistance Demonstration (6:01)

For more information about the M81-SSM system and its advanced measurement capabilities, visit lakeshore.com/M81. And if you’d like to discuss how it can be used in your application, please let us know.

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Tags: noise rejection, resistance measurements, M81 synchronous source measure system

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