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This new video discusses the unique measurement capabilities of our M81-SSM, a complete transport characterization system that integrates DC + AC sourcing and measuring — including lock-in detection capabilities — for ultra-low noise, highly sensitive measurements.

In the hands-on video, we look at the system’s components, including four types of amplifier modules that are combined with the M81-SSM instrument to enable low-level DC, AC, and mixed AC/DC measurements. We specifically discuss how all source and measure channels are simultaneously sampled at a very high rate and provide DC to 100-kHz operation, including lock-in operation, on up to 3 source and 3 measure channels at the same time to ensure time-correlated synchronous measurements.

Also demonstrated is how quickly and easily the M81-SSM can measure various values of resistance using very low DC and AC currents, illustrating the limitations of DC methods and the advantages of AC lock-in methods as the signal of interest becomes affected by thermal offsets and other parasitic effects.
Watch the Video DemoFor more information about the system, visit And if you’d like to discuss how the M81-SSM can be used in your application, please let us know.

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Tags: device characterization, material characterization, M81 synchronous source measure system

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