Paper references M81-SSM use for Hall, magnetoresistance measurements

Hexagonal StructureA newly published Physical Review B paper references the use of our M81-SSM synchronous source measure system as part of antiferromagnetic (AFM) topological material research.

As described in the paper (subscription required), the team, led by Indian Institute of Technology researchers, “investigated the magnetic, thermodynamic, and electrical transport properties of EuAuSb single crystals as well as carrying out band structure calculations.”

The M81-SSM system was specifically used in AC transport mode for magnetoresistance and Hall resistivity measurements within a variable-temperature sample space while utilizing a standard four-probe method.

For more information, read the paper: “Magnetotransport and Electronic Structure of EuAuSb: A Candidate Antiferromagnetic Dirac Semimetal.”

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Tags: Hall effect measurements, M81 synchronous source measure system, magnetoresistance

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