How do you know which cryostat is right for you?

how-to-select-the-right-research-cryostat-coverEmbarking on the journey to purchase a research cryostat can be a complex and crucial decision when you have applications where precise temperature control is paramount. A cryostat is an indispensable tool in areas ranging from material science and quantum computing to astrophysics.

But how do you know which type of cryostat is right for your application? This new guide can help. It provides a comprehensive overview of the critical factors to consider when selecting one, including:

  • Temperature range and stability
  • Different cooling mechanisms
  • Wet vs. dry cryostats
  • Sample in exchange gas vs. vacuum
  • Sample size and mounting
  • Electrical feedthroughs
  • Vibration and noise levels
  • Specialty applications
  • Optical access
  • Budget and operating costs

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