An additional benefit of the Hall low resistance measurement option

The 8400 Series offers the widest possible resistance range

Metals, superconductors, and certain other materials that are characterized by low resistances can sometimes be difficult to measure in a [...]

Model 372 AC resistance bridge/temperature controller—watch the video

In addition to a webpage and downloadable brochure, Lake Shore now has a video explaining many of the features and capabilities of our new Model 372. Please watch it to learn more about:

Need guidance on how to land a probe? Watch our videos.

Landing a probe is probably the most important step in achieving reliable, repeatable measurements. In our user manuals, we provide detailed instructions on correctly landing various Lake Shore [...]

A look at another temperature-dependent probing application for PZT devices

Plot showing remanent hysteresis measurements while characterizing ferroelectric capacitors at variable temperatures in a Lake Shore Model CRX-4K probe station used with a Radiant Technologies [...]

What the APS and others are doing to help with LHe procurement costs

The American Physical Society (APS) has kicked off a new program designed to help academic researchers—particularly, individual users—more reliably and affordably procure liquid helium. APS is [...]

The Value of Hall Effect Sensors in a Range of Devices

In a recently published EDN Network article, Jeffrey Dierker of Lake Shore Cryotronics discusses the value of Hall effect sensors and their history, describing the types of measurement for which Hall [...]

MicroMag™ VSM/AGM Video Tutorial From the University of Cambridge

As you probably already know, you can watch videos we have uploaded to our Lake Shore YouTube channel. But occasionally, you may also come across videos about Lake Shore products produced by our [...]

Application Note for the CVT Probes

We've told you about our new CVT probes in a recent press release, but have you seen our application note for them? Be sure to take a look!

Quality Tests for the Model 648 Power Supply

The following video shows some of the quality tests that we performed on our Model 648 power supply. These are tests that were performed with safety to the operator in mind, and are not meant to be [...]

The MicroMag Alternating Gradient Magnetometer: Video Overview

In this five-minute video, Brad Dodrill, Vice President of Sales and Senior Scientist at Lake Shore, provides an overview and introduction of the new MicroMag 2900 Series alternating gradient [...]

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