Model 372 AC resistance bridge/temperature controller—watch the video

In addition to a webpage and downloadable brochure, Lake Shore now has a video explaining many of the features and capabilities of our new Model 372. Please watch it to learn more about:

  • The concept of AC resistance bridge operation and its advantages vs. DC measurement techniques
  • How the instrument is designed to reduce self-heating
  • Its front-panel functionality, including the ever-valuable “panic button” for quick heater shutdown
  • The dedicated control input for ultra-low temperature control and additional experiment control flexibility
  • Its scanner input for optional setup of multiple simultaneous device measurements
  • The various heater outputs, including the 10 W warm-up heater output.

We also demonstrate some aspects of its operation, including how to:

  • Display measurement channel readings
  • Change resistance ranges for sensor measurements
  • Identify impedances that aren’t purely resistive (quadrature measurements)
  • Create a temperature setpoint for heater output operation
  • Interface with an optional preamp scanner box (Model 3726 or 3708)
  • Adapt it for drop-in replacement of the previous-generation Model 370.

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