MicroMag™ VSM/AGM Video Tutorial From the University of Cambridge

3900 VSMAs you probably already know, you can watch videos we have uploaded to our Lake Shore YouTube channel. But occasionally, you may also come across videos about Lake Shore products produced by our customers. Here’s a series of videos uploaded by Dr. Richard Harrison of the University of Cambridge Department of Earth Sciences. Dr. Harrison and his Nanopaleomagnetism Group are currently using a Lake Shore MicroMag™ 3900 Series VSM/AGM system in their lab for paleomagnetic analysis of geological materials.

In the videos, Dr. Cosmin Radu, Applications Scientist for Lake Shore, provides a step-by-step tutorial on the system’s use, including sample loading/unloading and positioning, system calibration, and software operation.

As part of the tutorial, Dr. Harrison has also uploaded videos that deal specifically with the AGM component of a dual-head MicroMag™ system. These videos (labeled A01-A12) feature Dr. Radu demonstrating how to program measurements vs. time, measure noise peak to peak, mount a sample in a sample fixture, and other steps in a typical AGM application.

For more information about our MicroMag™ systems, visit our Magnetometer Systems page.


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