Sensor Survey: What You Told Us

Cernox sensor in a bobbin package

Late in 2013, Lake Shore conducted a survey of cryogenic sensor customers in order to assess how scientists and engineers are using sensors. With enough time having elapsed since our survey was first announced, we’d now like to share some of the survey findings.

Based on customer responses, we found that sensor applications varied widely, from standard lab environment monitoring and control to more interesting uses, including for the purpose of:

  • Measuring temperatures for nuclear, accelerator, and fusion processes and experiments.
  • Detecting temperature onboard imaging satellites in order to reduce noise in the IR range.
  • Measuring temperature in helium refrigerators, which are increasingly important because they don’t consume liquid helium but recycle it for continuous operation.

We also asked customers to rate Lake Shore sensors. When asked whether our sensors offer “dependable measurement,” 92.4% said they agreed or strongly agreed. Also, we learned that 94.3% either agreed or strongly agreed that Lake Shore sensors offer a “high-quality product.”

We’re pleased that our sensors received high marks overall, and we also received suggestions from customers on how we can make our sensor line better—feedback that will help us in developing sensors for our customers’ applications in the future.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to take our survey and provide feedback. Your response is appreciated by all of us here at Lake Shore.

By the way, if you’re a gaussmeter, fluxmeter, Hall probe, or Helmholtz coil customer, please be sure to take this short survey of ours. You can answer just one question or all eight questions—it’s entirely up to you. Any feedback would be helpful in our development of future magnetic test and measurement solutions.

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