An additional benefit of the Hall low resistance measurement option

HMS resistance comparison chart
The 8400 Series offers the widest possible resistance range

Metals, superconductors, and certain other materials that are characterized by low resistances can sometimes be difficult to measure in a Hall measurement system. For this, we offer the 84033 low resistance measurement option for our 8400 Series HMS. It reduces the resistance noise floor of DC measurements from 100 nV to 3 nV (from 1 µΩ to 0.03 µΩ at 100 mA), enabling users to measure low resistance samples or thermoelectric materials in the HMS with confidence.The 84033 option can also improve the quality of certain standard resistance measurements. The low resistance operation narrows the frequency bandwidth of the Hall measurement, which lowers the voltage noise for a better signal/noise ratio. As a result, DC field Hall measurements of standard resistance materials can be performed up to 2× faster and with greater stability of measurement.

Read more about this and other options for Hall measurement flexibility.

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