Probe station app note discusses and compares wafer mounting methods

Wafer Mounting in a Lake Shore Cryogenic Probe StationWhen using a cryogenic probe station, wafer mounting methodologies are a key element of wafer-level characterization. The mounting materials and approach will influence device temperature, sample exchange time, and even the ability to post process a wafer after characterization.

To learn more about the mounting methods commonly used in cryogenic probe stations, download our new app note, “Wafer Mounting in a Lake Shore Cryogenic Probe Station.” It discusses in detail the methods while listing advantages and disadvantages for each, including:

  • GE varnish
  • Vacuum grease and clamping
  • Electrically conductive silver paint, silver paste, or carbon paste compounds
  • Cyanoacrylate adhesives.

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Download the Wafer Mounting App Note

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