New app note on vector VSM measurements available for download

VVSM App Note Cover - 6-10-20If you’re interested in using a vibrating sample magnetometer to measure the vector components of magnetization and torque curves for magnetically anisotropic materials, then be sure to read our latest app note. It describes the use of a vector VSM (VVSM), specifically our 8600 Series VSM with the vector option (86-VEC).

The note covers:

  • The measurement methodology
  • The theory of operation as it relates to using the VVSM to derive torque curves and anisotropy constants
  • Measurement results for magnetic tapes exhibiting both in-plane and out-of-plane anisotropy
  • Measurement results for a magnetically soft (low coercivity) multilayer NiFe thin film with in-plane anisotropy.

If after reading the app note, you have questions about the use of the VVSM for a specific material sample, please contact

Download the VVSM App Note

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