New ring magnet kit option for probe stations

Ring Magnet Kit Option for Lake Shore Cryogenic Probe StationsIf you have the need for some magnetic field in your experiments but not enough to warrant having a full magnet in your probe station, this new ring magnet kit option may be the solution for you.

The option provides vertical field within five Lake Shore probe stations currently not equipped for probing as a function of field, enabling you to perform device testing under limited magnetic field conditions. Compatible with our PS-100, TTPX, CPX, CRX-4K, and CRX-6.5K probe stations, the kit includes a set of 4 ring magnets, 3 matched spacers, and a specialized magnet-retaining sample holder to mount the magnets in one of four possible configurations.

Nominal fields of 0.19 T, 0.177 T, 0.144 T, and 0.085 T are provided at the sample holder elevation (the actual magnetic field obtained will depend on the magnet temperature*). When installed, the top of the magnet rests 1 mm above the top of the sample holder to ensure optimum field uniformity at the sample.

To order this kit with a new probe station or for one currently in use, please contact

*Ring magnet option is not compatible with probe stations using a low-temperature option.

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