Video demo highlighting ease of use, measurement speed of 8600 Series VSM

Brad Dodrill, Lake Shore VP of Sales and Senior Scientist, demonstrates the ease of operation and measurement speed of our award-winning 8600 Series VSM in this new quick-look video from Lake Shore Cryotronics.

8600 Series VSM — Quick Look with Brad Dodrill (14:04)

8600 Series VSM - Quick Look with Brad Dodrill

Using the 7-inch electromagnet version (Model 8607) for his video demo, Dodrill discusses the components, features, and versatility of the system, highlighting:

  • The easily settable magnet pole gaps, including the position that provides for the best sensitivity (with the VSM conservatively specified with an RMS noise floor of 25 nemu at 10 s/point averaging)
  • The ease of changing one gap setting to another without having to recalibrate the VSM for a new configuration
  • The role of temperature and gas flow instrumentation that provides for automated variable temperature measurements on both warming and cooling cycle
  • Software control to allow for a quick exchange of samples, saddling of samples within the sensing coils, and autorotation
  • The three variable temperature options, as well as how simple it is to install and swap out each option in the VSM.

Also in the video, Dodrill discusses the ability of the 8600 Series system to sweep the field as fast as 10 kOe/s and record data as quickly as 10 ms/pt. Then demonstrating the system’s data acquisition and analysis software, he shows examples of a hysteresis loop and a series of first-order reversal curve (FORC) measurements and the short amount of time it takes to execute these measurements.

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