Spotlight on the innovators at DMPI

This recent University of Virginia article spotlighting their “Top Innovators” gives a nice history of what led to the development of the unique GSG probe created by Dominion MicroProbes (DMPI), a [...]

Sensor outgassing test data available

Outgassing is an important concern when designing and sourcing components for long-term space missions. Because of the high-vacuum operating environment within spacecraft, material coatings or [...]

Lake Shore provides AC Hall measurements for PEC material research


Lake Shore has also been collaborating with scientists from the University of Texas (UT) at Austin, along with other institutions, in work aimed at developing more economically [...]

Cryogenic probing in 2D electronic material research

Since isolated graphene was first reported in 2004, a lot of two-dimensional (2D) material research has focused on developing the strong, single atom-thick material for end use in novel [...]

Paper examines conjugated polymer processing technique that allows for Hall mobility measurements

Conjugated polymers have been studied by researchers for a number of organic electronics and energy-related applications, including as light absorbers in organic photovoltaic cells. Compared with [...]

Advancing experimental fusion reactor research at the W7-X

Fusion research continues in earnest as the international scientific community strives to develop new sustainable sources of energy—important because of the ever-growing need for cheaper, cleaner [...]

Meeting report on FORC Workshop published

EOS Earth & Space Science published a meeting report this week for the FORC Workshop held at the University of Minnesota in July, specifically highlighting how the first-order-reversal-curve [...]

Now a Solutions Partner of Keysight Technologies

We are always seeking new ways to bring Lake Shore technology to more researchers in more fields and to help advance their work. To this end, Lake Shore recently became a Solutions Partner of [...]

How magnetometers are being used in biomedical research

Over the past decade, researchers have increasingly been exploring new ways of using magnetic nanoparticles for a wide range of biomedical applications. A bulk of this work has concentrated on [...]

An additional benefit of the Hall low resistance measurement option

The 8400 Series offers the widest possible resistance range

Metals, superconductors, and certain other materials that are characterized by low resistances can sometimes be difficult to [...]

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