Sensor outgassing test data available

outgassingOutgassing is a significant concern when designing and sourcing components for long-term space missions. Because of the high-vacuum operating environment within spacecraft, material coatings or adhesives on components can release contaminants that, during flight, can adhere to surfaces and, in turn, interfere with how well circuits and optics operate. Over time, outgassing contamination could possibly shorten the life of onboard instrumentation and endanger the overall mission.

One possible source of outgassing can be sensor wire insulation. To address any such concerns over our commercial off-the-shelf sensors, Lake Shore provides outgas test data for insulation used on our sensor lead extension wire as well as some of the wire offered on spools. The data was provided to Lake Shore by an outside lab and is the result of testing performed to the ASTM E595 standard.

If you have any questions about our company’s outgas test procedure—or any of our other test procedures, for that matter—please contact

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