New parametric probe options for cryogenic probe stations

We’re now offering two new dual-connector parametric probe kits that make it much easier to perform capacitance-voltage (C-V) and four-point measurements in a Lake Shore probe station.

C-V measurement kit with parametric probe

C-V parametric probe for Lake Shore Cryotronics probe stationWafer-level C-V measurements are frequently used to assess a range of key semiconductor parameters, including those of wide bandgap (WBG) devices. This kit enables temperature-dependent, wafer-level C-V measurements using a variety of instrumentation, including LCR meters and auto-balancing, bridge-type C-V meters.

In addition to special dual-connector probes, the kit includes cabling for a shielded, two-terminal probe connection, a configuration that ties together the shields of the two probes near the DUT and creates an efficient current return path in the shield. This configuration minimizes errors associated with cabling, and helps to ensure the overall accuracy and repeatability of measurements when repositioning probes in the station.

Quasi-Kelvin measurement kit with parametric probes

Quasi-Kelvin parametric probe for Lake Shore Cryotronics probe stationFour-point (Kelvin connection) measurements are typically carried out in a probe station by using four separate probe arms and probes, with one pair of arms tied to a force circuit and the second pair to a sense circuit. However, with this measurement kit, two connectors on each probe allow the force-sense connection to be configured using only two probe arms (limited to non-temperature sensor arms). This way, cable resistance is removed and low-resistance measurements can be carried out even on devices with pads that can only accommodate a single probe.

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