How to use an M91 FastHall measurement controller with a PPMS

A key benefit of our MeasureReady™ M91 FastHall™ measurement controller is that it can be used with any type of magnet, including a superconducting magnet. One such magnet system is the Physical Property Measurement System (PPMS®) from Quantum Design, which in addition to a superconducting magnet, consists of a low-temperature cryostat, control electronics, and MultiVu® software used to control the field and temperature of the sample space while coordinating the system’s measurement electronics.

M91 FastHall PPMS App NoteIntegrating the M91 measurement controller into a PPMS system is an easy process, and to explain how it’s done, we have published a new app note. It describes how the M91 connects to the PPMS electronics and connections are wired to the PPMS sample puck, while also detailing the process for installing the M91 instrument’s MeasureLINK-MCS software and a MultiVu application pack on a PC to allow for the integration. Once they’re connected, you can then use the MeasureLINK software to trigger ramps to temperature or field on the PPMS system. What’s more, a set of prewritten scripts are installed for the M91 controller to execute a complete Hall measurement sequence within the PPMS environment, or you can create custom measurement scripts, and then generate a summary report containing charts and data tables relating to your results.

Download the M91 App Note

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