Update to FORC Workshop

Here is the final speaker schedule and the topics to be discussed at this Sunday’s 2nd Annual FORC Workshop in New Orleans:

  • Alexandru Stancu of Al. I. Cuza University, “FORC Diagram Technique: Advantages, Limitations, and Unique Qualities”
  • Ioan Lascu of the University of Cambridge, “Processing Large FORC Diagram Datasets Applied to Earth Science Research”
  • Victorino Franco of Sevilla University, “FORC Analysis of Heusler Type Magnetocaloric Alloys: An Effective Temperature Approach”
  • Gergely Zimanyi of UC-Davis, “Recent Developments in FORC-Based Magnetic Modeling”
  • Joachim Gräfe of the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, “Experimental Interpretation of FORC Diagrams by Magnetic X-Ray Microscopy”
  • Adrian Muxworthy of Imperial College London, “Recovering Ancient Magnetic Field Intensities from Rocks and Meteorites Using FORC Measurements”
  • Dustin Gilbert of NIST, “How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the FORC Method”
  • Montserrat Rivas Ardisana of the University of Oviedo, “FORC Technique: Differential Analysis Versus Smoothing”
  • Cindi Dennis of NIST, “Instrument-Based Noise Analysis of FORC Measurements”
  • Fanny Beron of the University of Campinas, “Ensuring FORC Future: How to Avoid Being Only the Flavor of the Month.”

The workshop will also include a poster session for attendees.

2016 FORC Workshop in New OrleansIf you are going to MMM and interested in attending the workshop but have not registered, you can still do so by following the link from the workshop website.

Also at MMM, Lake Shore Senior Scientists Brad Dodrill and Jeff Lindemuth together with Paul Ohodnicki of the National Energy Technology Laboratory and Michael McHenry and Alex Leary of Carnegie Mellon University will be presenting a poster (DR-10) during the Soft Magnetic Materials symposium, discussing “High-Temperature FORC Applied to Soft Magnetic Nanocomposite Materials.”

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