New video presentation on using cryogenic probe stations for device R&D

To learn more about temperature-dependent characterization for device research, particularly as it relates to the use of our cryogenic probe stations with the Keysight Technologies B1500A Semiconductor Device Parameter Analyzer, be sure to watch this new video presented by Lake Shore Applications Scientist Dr. David Daughton.

The video, assembled using slides from a recent webcast recording, examines:

  • How this type of characterization is important for device research, especially for identifying transport properties and defects
  • The benefits of using a probe station for on-wafer characterization
  • The anatomy of a cryogenic probing platform
  • How our probe station can be used with the B1500A and its EasyExpert™ interface to automate variable-temperature measurements when characterizing, for example, pHEMT and SiC MOS structures
  • Several applications detailing the use of the probe station/B1500A for transistor I-V curve, multi-frequency C-V characterization, van der Pauw, and persistent photoconductivity measurements.

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Tags: david daughton, device characterization, keysight technologies, probe stations, research and applications, variable temperature measurements, material characterization

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