Sensor packaging information expanded on

New sensor overview image on each landing pageWe recently improved our sensor type landing pages and our sensor packaging page to make choosing the optimal sensor and package for an application easier.

Now you can better tell which packages are available with each type of sensor, since each of the sensor landing pages has a new image with all available sensor packages displayed in correct relative size to one another and shown around a push pin for reference.

Go to the temperature sensors landing page

The sensor packaging page previously included all packages for all sensors. Now each sensor type gets its own individual packaging page, on which the packages are listed from most popular to most specialized.

You can now enlarge the sesnor measurement drawingIn the first column of each packaging options table, the dimensioned drawings can be clicked to enlarge.

At the top of each packaging options page is a link to the Temperature Sensor Selection Guide, which gives additional information about all the different types of sensors and packages/adapters.

Download the Temperature Sensor Selection Guide

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