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New Approach for Low-Level Measurements on Nanostructures Blog Post ImageThe study of new semiconducting materials, high temperature superconductors, photovoltaic devices, and organic electronic materials typically requires low-level sourcing and measurement because the materials are often nanostructures. The trouble is, the types of low-level measurements required to fully characterize such small structures are often contaminated with significant levels of power line, thermal, and other types of ambient noise signals.

Our new technical note, "A New Approach to Improving Confidence in
Low-Level Measurements of Nanostructures" examines existing methods and how well they address the challenge of noise in the measurement. And it also provides an in-depth look at a solution: a synchronized and modular AC + DC sourcing and measurement system that utilizes optimum sensitivity, noise rejection, and uninterrupted acquisition of data as a means to more confidently characterize such structures.

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Tags: electronic device & semiconductor measurement, nanostructured materials, noise rejection

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