Ferromagnetic resonance (FMR) measurements using our MCS-EMP or 8600 VSM

New from Lake Shore Cryotronics: an installation kit that enables you to easily use a NanOsc Instruments PhaseFMR and PhaseFMR-40 spectrometer with our MeasureReady™ MCS-EMP or 8600 Series VSM systems for ferromagnetic resonance (FMR) measurements.

The affordably priced FMR-CPW-U-KIT provides hardware and software integration of NanOsc instruments and U-type CPW sample holder products in a room temperature application*. With it installed, broadband 2 to 18 GHz (PhaseFMR) or 2 to 40 GHz (PhaseFMR-40) FMR measurements in variable DC magnetic fields are possible. Maximum field depends on the system model and whether in-plane (IP) or out-of-plane (OOP) orientations are used:

NanOsc FRM Option Max Fields for MCS-EMP and 8600 VSM

FMR-CPW-U-KIT Photos Blog Post-2-2

For more information, read our application note.  

*Note: Does not include NanOsc CPW, Helmholtz coils, cables, and FMR instruments. These NanOsc room temperature FMR products are available from Quantum Design, our preferred source of NanOsc products.

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