Lake Shore 8600 Series VSM used for magnetic ceramics research

University_of_Pittsburgh_Logo_CMYK_Primary_3-Color[1]An AIP Advances article just published online details recent research into a “unique class” of nanocomposite spinel Co-ferrites for which our 8600 Series VSM was used for both magnetometry measurements and first order reversal curve (FORC) analysis.

The paper, authored by University of Pittsburgh researchers Paul Ohodnicki, M. V. Suraj, Ahmed Talaat, Yiwen Wang, and Jung-Kun Lee as well as our own Brad Dodrill, specifically “explores the relationship between structure, property, and processing for bulk Co-ferrite samples with different degrees of spinodal decomposition.”

For this, magnetometry measurements were carried out using our Model 8607 VSM at room temperature. Hysteresis M-H loops and FORC measurements were performed using the VSM system’s automated data acquisition capabilities.

As noted in the article abstract, the work described “represents the first application of FORC to spinodal decomposed magnetic ceramics and provides a strong foundation for future investigations seeking to quantitatively describe the impacts of nm-scale chemical, structural, and magnetic fluctuations on magnetization processes in ferrite spinel nanocomposite systems.”

For more examples of FORC measurements performed using the system, download our plot book.

Download our 8600 Series Plot Book

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Tags: nanostructured materials, vibrating sample magnetometer, first order reversal curve (FORC)

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