New app note on use of M81-SSM to minimize common-mode noise interference

If you're planning to perform low-level electrical measurements in a low-temperature environment, such as to characterize samples in a cryostat or dilution refrigerator, then this new app note may be of interest to you. It details how our new MeasureReady M81-SSM synchronous source measure system provides unique source and measure capabilities for enhancing noise rejection in low-level signal applications, such as differential (balanced) source and measure connections.

CMR-BCS-10-VM-10-diagram-for-blogIn addition, the note discusses how the common-mode rejection (CMR) feature of the system's BCS-10 module, typically used in conjunction with the VM-10 voltage measurement module, can also aid in reducing measurement noise while increasing measurement accuracy.Download the app note

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Tags: variable temperature measurements, material characterization, M81 synchronous source measure system

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