FastHall™ measurement controller now available to order – watch the first look video

We’re pleased to announce that our new MeasureReady™ M91 FastHall™ measurement controller is now available to order. And to illustrate all that this revolutionary instrument offers, we’ve posted a first look video highlighting how:

  • It is simpler and more convenient – as an all-in-one instrument developed specifically for Hall measurement, it replaces the stack of conventional lab instruments and the PC software needed to run them.
  • It provides better measurements faster – up to 100x faster than traditional Hall measurements. The M91 employs Lake Shore’s patented FastHall™ technology, which fundamentally changes the way Hall effect is analyzed by eliminating the need to switch the polarity of field that is applied to the sample.
  • It is a cost-effective solution, whether building a new Hall measurement system or upgrading an existing one. The M91 replaces all the instrumentation, optimization, and data collection/analysis software of a traditional Hall measurement setup – all within a single half-rack instrument.


Learn more about the new FastHall controller

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