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Fast magnetic field mappingAs magnet assemblies continue to increase in complexity, QC operations also increase in difficulty if field values need to be assessed at multiple locations around the assembly. Off-the-shelf field mappers are readily available but cost tens of thousands of dollars and may not be optimized for your exact situation. In many cases, a DIY solution that pairs a high-speed teslameter and a Hall probe with a motorized platform is the best fit for this application.

Lake Shore Cryotronics is the perfect partner in this scenario with our F71 multi-axis and F41 single-axis teslameters. No matter how obscure the shape and size of the magnet assembly, the ability to take reliable, repeatable field measurements with the teslameters is only limited by your creativity in motorized apparatus design. With a range of Hall probe configurations, mounting options, and even affordable customizations, there is a probe for your application.

And with the recent release of high-speed data logging (for a maximum of 100 buffered readings per second), users can quickly characterize even complex magnets, allowing high-volume throughput with just a single measurement station. Access to this feature is made simple with the release of several communication methods, including SCPI, LabVIEW™, and an all-new native Python driver, as highlighted in the new “Fast Magnetic Field Mapping with F71/F41 Teslameters” app note of ours.

For more about the teslameters — including the unique TruZero™ technology that prevents offset errors and eliminates the need to ever re-zero the probes — visit the product web page.

Read Our 'Fast Magnetic Field Mapping' App Note

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