App note on use of Model 372 scanners for either ultra-low temperature or resistance measurements

Determining the best Model 372 configurationThe Model 372 AC resistance bridge and temperature controller makes it easy to perform multiple tasks that were once very difficult to perform reliably at very low temperatures. Yet the instrument can also be optimized for more specialized measurement applications by adding one of the available scanner options, particularly when you need to either:

  • Reliably measure at temperatures below 50 mK at multiple measurement points in a cryogenic system without the need for additional external filters or…
  • Accurately measure very low resistances of materials (in applications where ultra-low temperature measurement isn’t required).

For more about how to choose an instrumentation combination optimized for your specific needs, read this new app note. It explains which application would be better suited for use of either the 8-channel Model 3708 preamp and scanner or the 16-channel Model 3726 scanner. Reading the app note, you will see that the important differentiator between the two isn’t the number of multiplexed channels; rather, the important deciding factors relate to the DC bias current and input voltage noise specifications. These determine the suitability of a scanner for either ultra-low cryogenic or material resistance measurements.

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Tags: application note, cryogenic process control

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