Virginia Tech team unveils Hyperloop pod design

We blogged earlier about us partnering with and supplying a gaussmeter and Hall probe to Virginia Tech students competing in the Hyperloop pod design competition. As a follow-up, last week, the Vhyper team unveiled their pod prototype at the university. This video from the event goes into some detail about the pod design (at about the 10:00 mark, the magnetic suspension of their design is explained).


Vhyper pod showing Lake Shore sponsor sticker

Members of the Vhyper team next to their pod at the unveiling event (Photo courtesy of Bryan Simpson of Hy-Test, Inc.)

Laura Wolinsky, Vhyper financial controller, acknowledges the team’s sponsors

Virginia Tech student Laura Wolinsky, Vhyper financial controller, acknowledges the team’s sponsors during the unveiling event, seen at 23:50 in the video. (Photo from Virginia Tech video)

Attendees examine the pod

Attendees examine the internal components after the pod unveiling, which was attended by Virginia Tech President Tim Sands (at left, behind the pod). (Photo courtesy of Virginia Tech)

We also learned that the SpaceX sponsored competition will now occur in January at a test track being constructed by the company in California. Also announced last week, Virginia Tech will be building a Hyperloop test track of its own. This track, the first of its kind on the East Coast, is part of a broader effort of Virginia Tech to “emphasize intelligent infrastructure,” the university said.

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