Version 2.0 VSM software released

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We’ve released a new version of software for our 8600 Series VSM system. In addition to numerous improvements for system stability and usability, the 2.0 release features:

  • Improved field control for faster ramp and better settling performance
  • Second-quadrant demagnetization measurement capabilities of interest for permanent magnet characterization
  • Automatic CSV/TXT file exporting as sequence steps execute
  • Firmware update for the system’s Model 737 VSM controller

The release builds on prior software releases that provided:

  • Real-Time FORC (RTForc™) software for fully automated first-order reversal curve (FORC) data acquisition and plotting
  • Improvements to the field overshoot and ramp optimization for more accurate remanence curve measurements
  • Availability of field offset, moment offset, and slope corrections for FORC, minor loop, and multi-segment moment vs. field measurements

To get the latest software version, please contact Lake Shore Service.

More information about the 8600 Series software.
Download our 8600 Series Plot Book

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