The benefits of using a Lake Shore/Radiant characterization solution

Lake Shore Radiant flyer

You may already be aware that Lake Shore probe stations interface easily with Radiant Technologies Ferroelectric/Multiferroic Test Systems for characterizing devices in a cryogenic probing environment. And to explain more about the measurements possible by combining the two, we have created a downloadable flyer. This document succinctly explains how this setup enables you to characterize properties more quickly for hysteresis vs. temperature, leakage vs. temperature, hysteresis speed vs. temperature, and various other measurements. Because temperature can be controlled directly through the Radiant system’s data acquisition program, you can execute automated measurements of single ferroelectric or piezoelectric samples over a wide temperature range for rapid characterization.

If you’re interested in this Lake Shore/Radiant system combination, please contact We can discuss the right probe station and test platform for your specific application.

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