Article highlights FORC analysis of multi-phase ferrite magnets

A 2D FORC diagram showing two distinct magnetic phases

2-D FORC diagram showing the distribution of switching (Hc) and interaction (Hu) fields for a mixture of Sr-ferrite powder and BaFe2O4 ceramic, showing the phases of each individual material clearly differentiated

In past blog posts, we have explored how first-order-reversal-curve (FORC) analysis is useful for characterizing interactions and coercivity distributions in geomagnetic samples, permanent magnets, magnetic nanowires, and exchange bias thin films. In this just published Magnetics Business & Technology article, Lake Shore Senior Scientist Brad Dodrill examines how FORC analysis can be used to distinguish magnetic phases in composite materials containing multiple magnetic phases, unlike simple hysteresis curves. All magnetic measurements detailed in the article were performed at ambient temperature using a Lake Shore MicroMag 3900 Series VSM.

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