Watch the new ‘first-look’ video about our MeasureReady™ 155 Precision I/V Source

We have just posted a “first-look” video that walks through the capabilities and features of our all-new MeasureReady™ 155 current and voltage source. The video demonstrates how this unique instrument:

  • Excels at low-noise signal excitation, reducing in-band and out-of-band noise floors to very low levels
  • Achieves low noise levels without additional filtering and enables exceptional output performance in both DC and AC modes
  • Provides a solid foundation for researchers performing I-V curve, Hall effect, resistance, and other fundamental material measurements

First Look: 155 Precision I/V Source (6:56)

155 I/V source first look video

The video also examines the “built for science, designed for people” features of the 155, highlighting:

  • Its front-panel TiltView™ screen that makes operation comfortable at different viewing angles
  • The modern, uncluttered touchscreen interface with smartphone-like icons, gestures, and menu styles
  • The intuitive ways to adjust settings and change output values, including a slider control for fast, broad adjustments and stepper control for incremental adjustments
  • The convenient mobile app that enables a smartphone to be used as a remote control for the 155 source
  • Its future-ready architecture, allowing for easy upgrades as future software is developed.

More information can be found on the 155 I/V source webpage. Also be sure to get on our e-mail list to receive app notes and further info about the 155 when released:

Get more information about the MeasureReady 155 I/V source

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