Lake Shore, as seen at SEMICON China

Last month, we announced a new partnership with Cascade Microtech, a collaboration that combines the knowledge of two industry leaders who operate in two distinct areas of the probe station market. And in that announcement, we mentioned that cross-marketing between our two companies would soon be seen at industry trade shows.

Lake Shore display at SEMICON China 2015

The Lake Shore exhibit at SEMICON China

Well, it didn’t take long for this to actually occur, as evidenced by our sharing of exhibit space at SEMICON China in Shanghai last week. Set up within the Cascade Microtech booth and promoted as one of their “MeasureOne” partners, Lake Shore was there primarily to educate customers about our fixed-stage probe stations optimized for measurement at very low cryogenic temperatures and in high magnetic fields—measurements that are often important in early semiconductor device R&D. We had some nice conversations with conference attendees. Plus we got to meet a few customers of ours from China. (We thank LinkPhysics Corp., our authorized sales representative in China, for their help staffing the booth during the show.)

Show attendees examining a Lake Shore probe station

Show attendees examining a Lake Shore probe station

Cascade Microtech, whose cryogenic probing systems differ from Lake Shore probe stations in functionality, used much of its booth space to showcase the company’s automated probe stations for later stages of semiconductor device development, when multiple copies of devices have been constructed and there is a need to replicate measurements across those many devices.

We look forward to participating at future industry events with Cascade Microtech as well as educating customers on how the complementary expertise of our companies can benefit them at the different stages of the R&D lifecycle.

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