Journal article highlights VSM-related nanostructured materials research

ZFC and FC magnetization curves

ZFC and FC magnetization curves of the system MgxNi0.6−xCd0.4Fe2O4. The legend box shows the blocking temperature values.

See this Journal of Nanomaterials article, “Microstructure and Superparamagnetic Properties of Mg-Ni-Cd Ferrites Nanoparticles,” detailing how Lake Shore is supporting research related to ferrites for microwave devices. Authored by Lake Shore’s Dr. Cosmin Radu and Egyptian researchers Dr. Mohamed Eltabey and Dr. Ahmed Massoud, the paper investigates the structural and magnetic properties of nickel cadmium nanostructured ferrites, an important material for microwave applications.

In addition to highlighting how Lake Shore, once again, is collaborating with university researchers, the paper shows how our Model 7410 vibrating sample magnetometer (VSM) with liquid He cryostat can be used to precisely measure a series of samples over a broad temperature range, performing Zero-Field-Cooled/Field-Cooled (ZFC/FC) measurements in order to determine the blocking temperature (TB) for each sample. This is extremely useful in characterizing the nanostructured materials.

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