Evaluation kits available for Model 240 input modules

With the release of the 240 Series input modules, we are receiving lots of requests for modules to test in user facilities. To make the process of evaluation easy, Lake Shore recently introduced a 240-EVAL-KIT. This kit contains both a 2-input (240-2P) and an 8-input (240-8P) module along with a range of accessories not included with a standard module shipment. These accessories allow a user to power the modules and simulate temperature readings right out of the box.

240 Evaluation Kit.pngThe kit includes terminal plugs for sensor and power connections, DIN rail mounting connectors, a 24 V power supply, and a sensor simulator, which is used to simulate a live sensor connection if one is not readily available for your evaluation testing. Use it, for instance, to observe how the input module handles communicating and displaying a particular temperature range or to see how the input module autoranges. A bag of fixed resistors is also included, enabling valid readings to be easily obtained on all inputs of both the 240-2P and 240-8P module in the kit.

The evaluation kit is available for purchase or through our demo program. For details, please contact sales@lakeshore.com.

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