New probe station application note available

Use the Keithley 4200 along with Lake Shore probe stationsYou might have read in our probe station catalog that capturing various temperature measurements can be an automated process by adding a Keithley parameter analyzer to a Lake Shore probe station application. This is quite a time-saver for many customers—especially when measuring I-V curves or sheet resistance at a number of temperatures. Instead of having to set the sample stage temperature, wait for the sample temperature to stabilize, and perform one or more device measurements before moving on to the next temperature, you can configure the Keithley analyzer to automatically step through temperature settings and run a diverse set of device measurements over a range of temperatures without any repeated intervention.

If you are interested in learning more about how this is done, particularly when characterizing high electron-mobility transistor (pHEMT) devices at different cryogenic temperatures, be sure to read this new app note. In it, we focus on the DC electrical characterization of an n-type gallium arsenide (GaAs) pHEMT device over temperatures ranging from 10 K to 310 K. The note explains how multiple temperature-dependent transport measurements can be taken using the integrated programming interface of the Keithley Model 4200 semiconductor characterization system, specifically by using sample libraries of the Keithley system to programmatically step through and take measurements at each temperature point.


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