THz System Feedback from Japan Society of Applied Physics Meeting

Since our launch of the new 8500 Series Terahertz (THz) system for material characterization, we’ve been encouraged by feedback we’re hearing from customers and contacts in the field. For example, we just heard from Toyo Corporation, our authorized representative in Japan, who held a luncheon seminar focused on THz during last week’s meeting of the Japan Society of Applied Physics (JSAP).

Terahertz seminar by Toyo Corporation at the Japan Society of Applied Physics

Toyo’s presentation focused on the three advantages of the system: its high-resolution THz spectroscopy, its temperature control capabilities, and its high magnetic field operation. And according to Toyo, the talk on the 8500 system “was a great success.” Two hundred attended the seminar, and of those who filled out Toyo’s questionnaire, 20% said they hope to use THz in their own research.

That’s a nice percentage and confirms that, as we suspected earlier, we’re going to see a good amount of interest from scientists heavily involved in leading-edge physics and materials research. We hope that the system’s ease of use will contribute to scientists’ ability to use THz in their research. It offers convenient sample insertion plus proceduralized methods that enable users to quickly set to work on productive research – without having to spend time performing complicated optical alignments.

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