Laser Focus World Webcast: Emerging THz Spectroscopy Tools for Materials Research

LFWlogoBlueIn this recent webcast hosted by Laser Focus World, Lake Shore’s David Daughton discusses Lake Shore’s integrated platform for terahertz (THz) frequency characterization and its possible applications. He begins by explaining how continuous-wave spectroscopy using terahertz radiation can be used as a noncontact, nondestructive way to study characteristics of many new materials. In addition to discussing how the system’s hardware and software can be used to characterize samples exposed to cryogenic temperatures and magnetic fields, Dr. Daughton describes possible applications for the platform, including using spectroscopy at THz frequencies for the characterization of molecular solids; studying special classes of high-mobility materials, like indium antimonide, for high-speed electronics and thermal imaging; as well as plasmonic research.

Also, in the Q&A portion of the webcast, Dr. Daughton answers questions about the level of control offered for low-temperature experiments, as well as how the platform might be used for detecting carrier transport at low temperature for R&D applications, for measuring and studying the mobility of electrons in graphene materials, and for characterizing thin films of nanoparticles on substrates. For more information about the prototype platform, see our THz page.

The webcast is still available on the Laser Focus World site, so be sure to watch it!

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