Lake Shore Has Acquired Princeton Measurements Corporation

Princeton Measurements Corporation (PMC) and the MicroMag™ magnetometer systems have joined the Lake Shore family of products!


We are excited to announce this acquisition as PMC is a leader in magnetometer technology, and their systems are a great complement to our own magnetometry products.

The PMC systems include the 10 nemu alternating gradient magnetometer and the 0.5 µemu vibrating sample magnetometer. These systems measure magnetization curves, first order reversal curves, isothermal remanent magnetization, DC demagnetization remanence as well as many other parameters.

Lake Shore will provide current PMC customers with service and technical expertise in the use of their systems. PMC’s firm commitment to keep their “primary focus and effort directed toward customer support,” is a commitment that we also adhere to. So you can expect the same quality service and support for your PMC systems.

You can find out more about these products on our VSM page, check out the PMC website , and read our full press release.

We will continue to update you on our acquisition as events unfold.

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