Send us samples for measurement in our THz system

Interested in seeing how a certain material of yours responds to measurement in our 8500 Series THz Material Characterization system? Then we urge you to send us your sample(s).

This new service is offered—at no charge and with no obligation—to materials researchers with suitable samples. Simply submit your sample measurement request online.

Submit your sample for THz measurement evaluation.

Sample being placed into the measurement tray of the THz materials characterization systemDr. David Daughton, lead Lake Shore Applications Scientist for the THz system, will examine your request to determine if your sample is appropriate for measurement. If it is, he will then coordinate with you getting it to our lab in Ohio. Typically, Lake Shore will accept 1 to 3 samples per a requestor.

Because of the nature and complexities of THz transmission spectroscopy, characterization outcomes are very sample dependent. Fundamentally, a sample must permit sufficient THz energy to pass through for it to be measurable, and ideally the sample responds in some way to the THz energy within the system’s bandwidth, temperature, and field capabilities.

Good candidate materials include:

Bulk materials

  • Moderately doped semiconductors
  • Glasses
  • Ceramics
  • Ferrites

Thin films

  • Semiconductors
  • Organic electronic materials
  • Nanometer-scale metal and superconducting films

Other materials may also be suitable for CW-THz characterization as a function of variable temperature and field.

The more samples we can measure, the more we all learn.

See the THz sample measurement webpage for more info.

Questions? Please feel free to contact Dr. Daughton directly.

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