If you’re attending the joint Cryogenic Engineering Conference/International Cryogenic Materials Conference in Tucson next week and want to know more about our tests to determine which sensor packaging is most robust, then consider attending our 2 p.m. July 2 presentation during the C3OrG session. The presentation on “Mechanical Robustness of Cryogenic Temperature Sensors Packaged in […]


Metals, superconductors, and certain other materials that are characterized by low resistances can sometimes be difficult to measure in a Hall measurement system. For this, we offer the 84033 low resistance measurement option for our 8400 Series HMS. It reduces the resistance noise floor of DC measurements from 100 nV to 3 nV (from 1 µΩ to 0.03 µΩ […]

Video overview of the Model 372 AC resistance bridge

In addition to a webpage and downloadable brochure, Lake Shore now has a video explaining many of the features and capabilities of our new Model 372. Please watch it to learn more about: The concept of AC resistance bridge operation and its advantages vs. DC measurement techniques How the instrument is designed to reduce self-heating […]

Cernox sensors from Lake Shore

There are some unique challenges when having to monitor temperatures of superconducting magnets in high-energy accelerator facilities. Scientists require sensors with resolution high enough to detect small temperature changes plus fast thermal response times to detect potential superconducting magnet quenches. The thermometers must also offer magnetic field insensitivity, radiation hardness, and good long-term stability over the […]

lake shore radiant flyer

You may already be aware that Lake Shore probe stations interface easily with Radiant Technologies Ferroelectric/Multiferroic Test Systems for characterizing devices in a cryogenic probing environment. And to explain more about measurements possible by combining the two, we have created a downloadable flyer. This document succinctly explains how this setup enables you to more quickly […]

Screenshot of the MCE software

There is a growing amount of interest in magnetocaloric effect (MCE) research, primarily directed toward developing next-generation, eco-friendly magnetic refrigerator technologies for consumer use. To aid Lake Shore 7300/7400 Series VSM users involved in such research, we have just released a new software analysis program that allows them to more quickly calculate the magnetic entropy […]

Journal of Applied Physics

As yet another example of an application where AC field Hall measurements would be useful, we’d like to call attention to this Model 8404 HMS related research just published in the Journal of Applied Physics. It examines the study of sputtered Yb filled CoSb3 skutterudite thin films for high temperature thermoelectric material and provides insights […]


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