Blue LEDs

With the U.S. Department of Energy’s recent announcement about new funding for solid state lighting (SSL) R&D, we thought this would be a good time to summarize how Lake Shore systems and instruments can benefit research into light emitting diode-related materials for both SSL and new display technologies. More R&D is being done in the field, […]

Probe landing video series

Landing a probe is probably the most important step in achieving reliable, repeatable measurements. In our user manuals, we provide detailed instructions on correctly landing various Lake Shore probes on a sample landing pad in a probe station. But, as always, actually seeing a demonstration on how this is done can be much more helpful […]

New paper in Magnetics Business Technology

For many years, the scientific community has sought an alternative to conventional chemical refrigerant/heat-transfer compressor refrigerators, one that would use considerably less energy and be friendlier to the environment. Researchers have been working to replace the standard vapor-compression refrigerators with commercially viable magnetic refrigerators that rely on the magnetocaloric effect (MCE). Cooling would occur as […]

Remanent hysteresis measurements while characterizing ferroelectric capacitors at variable temperatures

Last November, we discussed briefly how a Lake Shore probe station can be used with a Radiant Technologies test system to characterize piezoelectric (PZT) device performance at 6 K temperature. At that time, our blog post mainly focused on the ability to rapidly characterize the device’s ferroelectric properties, and to illustrate, we included a video […]

Dr. Cosmin Radu presenting a poster at MMM in Hawaii

Thanks to all of you who stopped by our booth at the 59th Magnetism and Magnetic Materials (MMM) Conference in Hawaii last week. Also, while there, we hope you had a chance to catch the poster session by Dr. Cosmin Radu, Lake Shore Applications Scientist. In his poster presentation, Dr. Radu discussed research into the […]

Model 340 option cards now on sale for onl $560 (US price)

If you own a standard Model 340 cryogenic temperature controller and sometimes feel that two inputs aren’t enough, why not upgrade your instrument with a 3462 option card to bring the total number of inputs to four? These additional inputs are designed to perform to the same high standard as the original Model 340 inputs […]

Model 8425 Hall system with cryogenic probe station

Customers occasionally ask for even more specialized characterization and measurement tools than those offered in our standard systems. And, more often than not, we’re able to accommodate them by customizing a system for their unique application. When the same type of custom system is requested frequently, it only makes sense to offer it as a […]


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